Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Pregancy, at a glance!

Pregnancy is one of those things in life that is simultaneously commonplace and full of mystery and wonder. (Wasn't that poetic?) ☺ Similarly, though this was an uneventful pregnancy, it was also full of adventure. As I write this, I’m 2 ½ weeks from my due date, and from then on out it will be all about baby, not mommy’s bump! I say this of course, with excitement and eager anticipation.

July 6th, 2009 was when we discovered I was with child / expecting / in delicate condition / in the family way / preggers. (I refuse to use the phrase, “knocked up.”) ☺ Rick and I had our suspicions, what with my unrelenting fatigue, mood swings, and insatiable cravings for peaches and seafood…

And so the unplanned, but most-welcome, adventure began. Of course, we HAD to acquire the requisite pregnancy/baby goods… What to Expect When Expecting, Spiritual Midwifery, (we like our resources to have a broad range of perspectives. Read: VERY broad) … And of course, a pacifier with a toothy grin, from our local Spencer’s (which I’m not proud to say I set foot in). But you have to admit, this is a nice set of teeth.

On October 30th, the mystery of the sex of our baby was revealed … to be a BOY! Our ultrasound pics lead me to think he will look like Rick, but then again, babies are known to surprise (they’re squirrelly like that). One of our midwives (one in a practice of 3), predicts he will be tall: After feeling my belly recently, she said, “Wow, he’s got some long legs!” And so the Stevens’ tradition continues. (Maybe. Probably.)

So, the Birthing Plan: I will give birth at Boulder Foothills Hospital with the Boulder Nurse Midwives. We are expecting a perfectly healthy, all-natural (i.e., drug and intervention-free) labor and delivery, but just in case, OBs will be just a room away. It really is a wonderful hospital. Their technology and accommodations are progressive and impressive, and they boast one of the lowest cesarean rates in the state. (Go Boulder!) And the midwives, who will be at my delivery the entire time, have been wonderfully supportive, informative, and nurturing. I think we've scored the best of both worlds.

So, March 14th is just a short 2 ½ weeks away! Though fewer than 5% of babies are born on their actual due date, Rick and I are operating as though it could be “any day now.” The intention and hope is that the next post will be the announcement of our son’s birth, the first of many updates on his growth and discoveries. Rick and I will take turns posting. We hope you will be so inclined to follow along and take part in our joy. ☺ We feel grateful to have you all a part our lives and our growing family!

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Oh, we love y'all! Congratulations. :)

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