Sunday, May 2, 2010

My New Favorite Onesie

Hello all. Peter Ambrose here. Here is some fashion I can believe in! Daddy designed this garment himself on That face on the onesie is of Yours Truly, ever the handsome fellow, I must say. (: And since feeding time is pretty much my favorite thing to do these days, I'd say Daddy hit a home run.


El Comodoro said...

Simply awesome. Do they come in Men's L?

Dad said...

Peter looks as if he has the lunch thing down pat, so filled out and healthy looking. Has a nice pair of ears, too.

jrichard said...

He is so much more sturdy than he was. And he's a very ... opinionated ... eater. I'm sure we've crossed the 10 lbs. barrier, though the last official weigh in (a little over a week ago) was 9lbs. 14oz.

And he's getting those "chunky bits" about him that make babies so adorable.

I'm going to try and catch some video of his smiles. It's hard, because he always gets intrigued by the camera and stops smiling. But his chubby cheeks are on full display these days.

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