Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rolling over for the 1st time - who knew it could be so exciting??

Not I, not until I had a baby. Next comes walking, then college... My, how they grow! ☺

Splish splash! We love to swim!

Peter Ambrose had his first "swim" today! He regarded the clear bluish substance with curiosity, mostly, marveling at its buoyant properties and slightly cold nature. (To the best of his baby abilities, I'm sure.)☺ He seemed to be thinking, "Shouldn't there be baby soap on my bum right about now?" It was 83 degrees and cloudy, which was good for protection from the sun, but not as good for temperature. After about 15 minutes, PA decided he'd had enough and began to whimper a little. But good experience overall! And more to come in the future. ☺

Got prunes? I love wrinkly baby feet. ☺ As always, more pics in the photo gallery!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Peter Ambrose is 3 Months Old Today!

What a fun month! Though he's only just completed the so-called "4th trimester," he seems less and less like a baby and more like a little boy to us.

This month he has reached these milestones:

- his first laugh! (see last blog entry)
- he reaches for toys and puts them in his mouth (more of that to come, I'm sure!)
- he exhibits an obvious recognition of, and preference for Mommy and Daddy
- he's now able to push himself forward with his legs when on his belly

And of course, he is "talking" and smiling more and more, making for some truly precious and memorable moments. As of today, he weighs 12 pounds, 15 ounces.

Yesterday, we bought him a play mat, and he loves it! (pictured above.) He enjoys the visual and tactile stimulation it provides, and Mommy enjoys the time it provides for her to clean the house or read a book. (-:

Peter Ambrose and Mommy have also enjoyed having play dates with other Moms and babies. Friends are the best!!

Happy 3-month Birthday, sweet boy! We love you so very much, more and more as the months pass.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A few firsts... Can you guess what they are?

If your guessed laughing, a cold, and teething, you were correct! You win a prize: kisses from PA. (Redeemable by visit, after he gets over his cold, of course). (-:

On Memorial Day, Peter Ambrose laughed for the first time!! I was making sounds at him, like trilling R's, followed by vowel sounds. He responded by making strange sounds like sharp intakes of breath, and then he let out a cackle. Talk about liquid sunshine! Love that boy.

... and yesterday, a not-so-fun first: Peter Ambrose caught his first cold. But luckily, it seems to be just a cold - no fever or other unpleasant symptoms. He's in great spirits despite his nasty cough, smiley and playing like normal. He also wore his CU onesie and booties to commemorate Daddy's first day of Summer teaching. (See above pic) (-:

Oh, and we think PA is already teething... (yep!) It's not completely out of the blue - many a Stevens began teething around 2 months of age, as it turns out. Thus, his new favorite activities are drooling and fist-eating. (-:

And just for fun, here are a few more pics from this week...

Baby Big-Legs... lol

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