Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A few firsts... Can you guess what they are?

If your guessed laughing, a cold, and teething, you were correct! You win a prize: kisses from PA. (Redeemable by visit, after he gets over his cold, of course). (-:

On Memorial Day, Peter Ambrose laughed for the first time!! I was making sounds at him, like trilling R's, followed by vowel sounds. He responded by making strange sounds like sharp intakes of breath, and then he let out a cackle. Talk about liquid sunshine! Love that boy.

... and yesterday, a not-so-fun first: Peter Ambrose caught his first cold. But luckily, it seems to be just a cold - no fever or other unpleasant symptoms. He's in great spirits despite his nasty cough, smiley and playing like normal. He also wore his CU onesie and booties to commemorate Daddy's first day of Summer teaching. (See above pic) (-:

Oh, and we think PA is already teething... (yep!) It's not completely out of the blue - many a Stevens began teething around 2 months of age, as it turns out. Thus, his new favorite activities are drooling and fist-eating. (-:

And just for fun, here are a few more pics from this week...

Baby Big-Legs... lol

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